As is the case with almost all ponds, creeks, and rivers in our area, there is always a good chance that one or more alligators might be in residence. Our lake is no exception. Over past years, there have been several incidents where we have had to contact a trapper provided by the FWC (Florida Wildlife Commission) and requesting that it be removed.

​Just so you know...according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, there is only a 1 in 2.4 million chance of being seriously injured in an unprovoked alligator attack! Alligators do not think of people as food. And you should not feed the or approach them!

We have had intermittent sightings (see photo) of a very elusive gator that appears for a few days and then moves on, either to a different lake, or at the least a different location in our lake. We have contacted the trapper on at least 10 or more occasions only to find that  the gator has slipped away again when the trapper arrives.

This situation has become frustrating for us and for the trappers. When they do come out, they spend quite a bit of time trying to find the gator so they can apprehend him. The gator pictured above was finally caught by our trapper on June 2, 2020...but there will probably be others visiting us, especially during the Spring mating season! 

If you see a gator, please let Ron Beahm know by text, phone call or email about the sighting so he can call the trapper and so we can keep track of what is happening.  Country Meadows has an active Permit with the State of Florida to request trappers.

Click here to Email Ron

Ron's Text / Cellphone: 941-315-1185

Please follow our HOA guidelines by placing all garbage and recycling our no earlier than 5:00 PM on Sunday and be sure to bring your empty containers in as soon as possible on Monday. Containers should be stored out of sight from the street during the rest of the week.

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FPL has notified us that they conduct drone assessments in our area. If you hear or see one, please do not call the police! If there is any concern about drone activity in your area, please call FPL Customer Service at 800-226-3545.

Drones can safely and quickly deliver high quality photos and videos of our power lines while minimizing environmental impact. Because of these benefits, drone assessments are a standard industry practice. 

Drone assessments collect close-up images of the equipment on each pole from various angles. Drones can also collect thermal images and assess vegetation encroachment. 

FPL is committed to the privacy of it's customers in all aspects of their business. Their drones only capture visuals of FPL power equipment, including poles and powerlines. Drone pilots conduct pre-flight safety checks and follow other FAA guidelines for safe operations. Click here for ​FPL Privacy Policy 

If you have questions, please call FPL Customer Service at


montHly Board meeting

“Helping Hands” is a volunteer service for owners in our community who either live alone or have physical limitations need a bit of help.

Our service is not a handyman service but a service that provides a variety of help to neighbors in need.

Contact Barb Ancona at 941-371-3245 for help.  She will let you know if this is a service we are able to provide.


Annual Yard Sale!

Saturday, November 12, 2022

8:00AM - 2:00PM

The CMHO Board will advertise the sale - no fee for participants!

All meeting announcements & agendas

 will be posted
by signage at our entrances

Note: You should be receiving monthly meeting notices and
​dues statements via E-mail. If you are not, please
check your Spam/Junk folders!

​​​​If you have a topic or issue that you would like the Board to discuss, please Email The Board 24 hours prior to
the meeting so it can be placed on the agenda.

You will receive a copy of the Minutes by email and you are always free to call the Board with questions about the Agenda or other topics of concern.